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Custom menus:

Lolachers will be pleased to accommodate our guests with Special, Dietary, or Allergic Menus. The cost of these meals may or may not affect the price, depending upon, numbers, degree of difficulty or menu content. There should be a foolproof means of identifying the recipient of special meals.

Guarantee of guest count and minimums:

Lolachers must be informed of the number of expected guests by at least 7 business days prior to the function. A confirmed number of guests should be informed 3 days prior. The confirmed number will be used for invoicing. Any additional guests above the confirmed numbers will have the invoice adjusted before payment.

Deposit and cancellation notice:

A "Save the Date Deposit" is required on booking, if cancellation occurs prior to 90 days from the date. A refund of 50% will be returned.

Payment options:

Payment will be made in full upon completion of the service provided. Payment may be made via Cash, Cheque, Visa or Master Card. A service charge of $50.00 will be made on dishonoured cheques.

Market fluctuation:

Due to Market Fluctuations, Menu Price Increases may apply. Our customers will be advised of the price changes prior to their function date and menu alterations will be offered.


Where is your office located?

1620 Michael St.
Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: 613.741-2800
Fax: 613.747 7895

How do I make a reservation?

Call us: 613.741-2800, Email us: sales@lolachers.ca
Office hours: By Appointment 8:30AM-4:30PM

What is included with your services?

Lolachers provide White Linen (90" Round or Rectangular) Tablecloths, Napkins Various colours. Other colours and sizes are available at a rental cost. Dishware and Flatware included with our service. Glassware is available at a rental cost.

Labour charges?

Labour is calculated in two ways:
1) 15% of the total cost of food OR
2) $100 per server (maximum of 4 hours) – Above and beyond four hours time, then $25.00 / per hour will apply.
The greater amount will be charged to the client

Are gratuities included?

Gratuities are not included with your service. It is at the discretion of the client to do so as they wish. Gratuities can be given directly to servers or can be added onto the final payment with a notation to that effect.

Can we supply a bartender?

Yes. Server trained Bar Tenders are available at a cost of $25.00 per hour. Payment must also take into account set up and teardown time.

Can you recommend a site for my party?

We are approved caterers of many off-premise catering sites in the area. Different sites are unequally suited for any given affair and, understandably, have different rates or fees for use. Reservations for any site must be made well in advance of your event. We are pleased to recommend an appropriate site for your event. Site reservation must be made directly by the client.

Can a tent be provided?

We can arrange a rent rental for your every need. When a tent is used, we plan and diagram its orientation at your site, tables placements within, etc. We have established relationships with local rental companies. Typically the rental companies will bill our account for all rentals. However, depending on the size of the event it may require a 50% deposit from the client.

Can I keep leftovers?

Due to the regulations of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Ottawa Board of Health and our Insurance Company, leftovers are required to be discarded.